The Advanced Training Course in Financial Management offers the possibility for students to acquire diversified skills both in the organisational-management and administrative-financial and credit fields.

During the course, the following topics will be covered:

  • Economics and Management of Financial Intermediaries
  • Introduction to Accounting
  • Statistics
This Advanced Training aims to provide a foundation in economic and business disciplines and to develop the basic skills for analysing business phenomena in economic and social contexts.      
The course prepares participants for the professions of: Accounting Technicians of organisation and management of productive factors Insurance agents Sales and distribution personnel  
This Advanced Training Course will be delivered online through our didactic platform available 24/7.        
The study of the didactic materials, both digital (video lessons of the lecturers with graphic animations) and on paper support (lecture notes and/or texts), is conducted according to the time schedules and personal availability of the student. Students may avail of video lessons for the study of theoretical knowledge, of bibliographies and sitographies, in addition to notes and documents necessary for the acquisition of practical skills.  
Students are expected to:   • study the didactic material specifically arranged; • participate in online activities; • successfully meet the required learning outcomes of each module as stated in course outline in order to pass the assignments; • revise the assignments according to the lecturers’ comments in an event of the failure to meet one or more of the learning outcomes for each module; • successfully pass the final examination.      
The following access qualifications are required: High school diploma (EQF level 4)        


Academic Year
Tuition Fee
€ 450